SELF Program

The Social Emotional Learning Foundations (SELF) program is a full day program for kindergarten through eighth grades located in age appropriate general education buildings within the Lincoln-Way Area Special Education Cooperative. This program is designed to meet the needs of students who exhibit emotional and behavioral characteristics that interfere significantly with their ability to progress in the general education classroom/curriculum.

Students placed in the SELF program are supported by intensive social work, psychological, speech and language services, and classroom aide support as needed. The teachers implement the general education curriculum; however, it is individualized based on the student’s current levels of performance and academic achievement. The SELF program provides an intense Behavior Management System within each classroom. This system is comprised of levels which afford the students opportunities for reintegration into the general educational environment. Typically students are initially provided with inclusive experiences with general education students in the areas of fine arts, physical education, and other areas as provided by specific buildings. Students are also included in non academic settings such as lunch, recess, field trips, etc., as appropriate.

A student is eligible for placement in the SELF program when he/she exhibits significant emotional/behavioral characteristics which interfere with academic achievement and require intensive emotional and/or behavioral interventions. A recommendation for placement in the SELF program is made by the IEP team and requires each student to have a current Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plan in place at the time of referral.

Speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, hearing itinerant, and/or vision itinerant services are also available to students who are determined to be eligible for the services. In accordance with Illinois service provider best practices, the Cooperative requests an occupational therapy prescription and requires a physical therapy prescription annually prior to providing these services