STLR Program

The Structured Teaching and Learning Room (STLR) is a self-contained program located in age-appropriate general education buildings within the Lincoln-Way Area Special Education Cooperative. The STLR program is designed to provide intense instructional support focused on communication, social skills, sensory needs and positive behavior to students in a small, structured learning environment. There is an emphasis on the use of visuals, concrete language, reinforcement and routine.  

Students in STLR are supported by social work, speech and language services, occupational therapy and a classroom aide. The STLR program provides intensive academic instruction, as well as emotional and behavioral support. Students in STLR utilize a variety of curriculum resources that may be alternated or modified to best meet each of their individualized needs. STLR students participate in the general education setting for fine arts, physical education, as well as in non-academic settings such as lunch, recess, field trips, etc., as appropriate.