Retiring Teacher Lisa Villarrubia

Lisa Villarrubia is retiring after 21 years at LWASE #843, where she spent her entire teaching career. Lisa shared a favorite memory. “During the time I worked in the SI Program at Mokena Junior High School, we were allowed to have a class pet. The students were very involved in the selection of the pet, a hamster, that they named Cupcake.  Cupcake was adorable, and all of the students cherished her and helped with her daily care. Cupcake was selected because she was especially fluffy and round, and there was a reason for it. After giving birth to 10 pups, Cupcake's name was changed to Mama and a number of our classroom families adopted hamsters that year!!! It was all very exciting, and I think it had such a positive impact on the students.” 

Lisa shared her thoughts on a bucket list for retirement. “I haven't really thought that much about it, but I would really like to visit the Grand Canyon and take a trip to Italy. Mostly, though, I am really looking forward to time with family. A dream would be to someday write a short children's story and have my daughter illustrate it.” 

Lisa has influenced numerous students during her tenure. Thank you for your dedication, patience, kindness, and creativity. Students, families, and staff at both Lincoln-Way and Mokena 159 will miss her. We look forward to reading a children’s book to future students! Best wishes for you retirement, Lisa!